It seems that today, the large internet corporation, has been hacked. Their main page has been altered to show an image of a rather confused looking man and the message “KKS, hacked by Cold, Radius, Virta” with the name ‘Tyler Fryer’ bouncing from one side of the screen to another.


After a little fishing around it seems that KKS could be the name of a ‘backdoor’ computer virus and RADIUS could be suggesting their point of infiltration as suggested by the Daily Mail :

“RADIUS – Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS): A networking protocol that provides centralised Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting management for users who connect and use a network service within a business. These users are authenticated against the company systems for added protection.”

However, I have no speculative information on ‘Cold’ or ‘Virta’ which may be due to my computer hacking ignorance or they could just be the alias names of the hackers themselves. As for Tyler Fryer… I am also coming up blank, a quick Google search did not link any Tyler’s to… puzzling. So we will have to wait and see what the company say about that in an official response as they seem to be avoiding social media completely – most likely because of this issue.

UPDATE: @Extinguisher @vvvirta @mono (the accliamed hacker group KKS) are seemingly proud of their efforts on Twitter:


Having a “few good laughs” at my blog is fine by me! I never claimed to know ANYTHING about hacking so it’s all speculative.

On a side note, don’t you think that a company with over 700 employees, 2.4million active users and 1.7 million unique visits a day ( Jan 2015) should have better security?! This is probably a case of a careless employee but nonetheless the users of the website will now feel rather vulnerable and uneasy considering the amount of personal information that they upload!

I will be looking out for updates and developments on this story so follow me on Twitter to stay in the loop @GNglowble.


@Extinguisher highlights a motive “They shit talked me in a call,” the hacker explains and the hack was a “random idea to own them, aha.”

On questioning them about this it seems that it was a customer service call! This is one pissed off customer!

This seems very nonchalant, KKS must be very confident! It is apparent that this hacker group are extremely aggravated planning to change the DNS every hour to deny from reclaiming their site. This attack appears to be very pre meditated with suggestions of more to come!


It looks like the hackers are in Amsterdam, North Holland.


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