What’s New With Bebo? : The Beta Test


So about a year ago now, I decided I would take a nostalgic trip into my digital teenhood and log into my long forgotten Bebo page. Upon doing this I found my account had been taken away from me, memories and all! The original creators of Bebo had decided to buy back their website after having sold it for a cool 11million back in the day. That’s all well and good but where is my stuff?! The Bebo landing page ensured me that some of my stuff like my pictures, we’re safe but other things like wall posts were sadly sacrificed in the change over.

I was then given the opportunity to sign up for beta testing as and when the site made its come back and that time was last night! The website has come back in the form of a chat app with a difference. You can customise an avatar and use hashtags to send graphics of your avatar in a particular emotion such as these:




photo 2



#sexy (lol)

photo 4

Ha! They’re pretty funny right?! There are loads more too! Yet, despite being humorous, this app will have to battle to make a splash in the pool of chat apps. Can it really compete with WhatsApp, Snapchat or even Facebook Messenger? My answer? Yeah… Maybe. It has great appeal to the younger generation that use hashtags more than they use their toothbrush, but for professional adults? I think it’s a little too much of a gimmick and a 5 minute wonder.

As an app itself, it is very functional and attractive which draws the user in straight away with its customisable character aspect and obvious UI. Ofcourse there are a few little hiccups such as the test animation hashtags still being in the list to choose from. Also, some of the colour palettes are a little out of contrast and the character can get lost in the background sometimes but hey, it’s a beta you have to expect something to improve on.

All in all, the beta is promising – and Bebo seem to have two other app projects in the pipeline so we will have to wait and see where those go but still the question remains, when will I get my cringey teenage memories back?!


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