The Top 3 Social Management Tools + Digital Marketing Show 2014

A while ago on 20th November, I visited the Digital Marketing Show in London for the first time. It was great! There were endless opportunities to meet like minded people as well as industry leaders such as professionals from Hootsuite and I even managed to get a cheeky headshot done for my LinkedIn profile! Freebies aside, there were various speech theatres one could visit covering topics such as social, content creation, advertising and the role of mobile platforms. Despite the theatre I was sitting in, one theme that seemed to be emphasised in every talk I heard was the notion of integrative contribution with regards to your company’s social media presence. This simply means that social media is no longer solely a marketing tool ans should no longer be viewed as such. After all, why should marketeers be dealing with customer grievances and complaints when the ideal recipient would be the customer services team? This made great sense to me personally, though I had questions on how this tactic could apply to my personal situation as many of the people I happen to work with (and no, i’m not being ageist here) are not millennials whom are therefore, not necessarily naturally accustomed to online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc – so a culture of collaboration may be hard to achieve without extensive training and if that is successful then how will content be monitored efficiently? Obviously there are various tools to help with this and below are the top 3 (in my opinion) which I have played around with:

1) HootSuite

A hugely popular platform with a very progressive company ethos. They genuinely want to improve your efficiency and don’t just want to sell you an upgrade through their freemium model – free users are just as important. As for the tool itself, you can organise and monitor 3 social profile streams on the free plan and have access to basic analytics too. The Pro plan allows you to cultivate a collaborative workforce for your social accounts with the ability to add 9 team members who can submit things to be approved by the media manager. That’s pretty awesome!

2) TweetDeck

This is also a very popular tool with relatively similar features compared to HootSuite but what puts it in second place is simply the UX (user experience). I’m sure it comes down to personal opinion and I feel that it just isn’t as obvious to use with regards to functionality.

3) SocialOomph

Now this tool could be good but it can be unreliable depending on your web browser and again, the GUI is a bit reminiscent of your ugly uncle Quasimodo – not great when competing in this market!

And that’s about all I have to say on this! Just incase you are interested, I have set up a supporting Twitter account for this blog – so go follow me if you want to know the latest movements of my cat or what I had for dinner 🙂

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